Comments from Residents and Commuters

Here’s a sampling of comments from Pleasanton community members on the proposed new Costco, collected from survey takers at retail establishments on Santa Rita Road and Hopyard Road. The comments are generally running 68% against the idea.

Comments collected on 3/3/16:

“Oh my God! A Costco? I had no idea! So that’s why they demolished the old Clorox building for? That’s a very bad idea. I live close by!” (Pleasanton)
“Traffic will increase even more on Johnson Drive. Stoneridge is already packed because of the mall.” (Pleasanton)
“Pollution will impact the quality of our children’s life in the near future.”(Pleasanton)
“Let’s protect our city! We have a couple of Costco stores very close from here. We don’t want or need another one.” (Pleasanton)
“Who needs a Costco! There is already a Walmart that serves Pleasanton.”(Pleasanton)
” If this Costco will make a lot of traffic then there will be more accidents. I will get home even later!” (Livermore)
“Costco works out for people with large families. If you are single you don’t shop there. I don’t! I prefer to spend the extra dollar but avoid long lines.” (Pleasanton)
“Big Bosses are greedy. It seems like they want to force us to accept a new store. They want to open a store everywhere they can.” (Works in Pleasanton)
“That’s right, let’s keep our city Pleasant. It is getting kind of unpleasant already but we shouldn’t let them bring more traffic and problems here.” (Pleasanton)
“This is all politics. Let’s see what happens. I doubt the council will listen to the people.” (Dublin)
“Johnson is too small. It is so difficult to drive by there. I work next to the FedEx and I dislike all the traffic there.” (Works in Pleasanton)
“I moved to Dublin not so long ago. I still wouldn’t want a Costco there even now that I live on the other side. There is no need for it.” (Dublin)
“That Johnson Drive is kind of weird. Is only a one way. I see that being a potential issue.” (Pleasanton)
“Wow… More traffic! I live in Tracy but it takes me a good hour and a half going home. This will make my commute even worse.” (Tracy)
“I hope it doesn’t happen. It will just add more problems to worry about for our policeman.” (Senior resident of Pleasanton)
“What can I say? I like Costco I won’t lie. I just hope they consider a different place for it.” (Pleasanton)
Earlier comments:
“Oh, No Way! NO, No, No. I would move out of Pleasanton.”

“Not too good. There’s one in Livermore and its only 10-15 min drive, people are crazy if they want one in Pleasanton.”

“I don’t want a Costco near my home or work place. I have my office behind Chevron on Owens and this intersection here is always packed. I live on Stoneridge near the place and when I saw the Clorox building been demolished I knew I had to start getting informed of what would be coming. I am 100 percent against it and I am willing to go to board meetings or help organizing a committee to address this issue.”

“Well! The mad traffic is going to go even madder, isn’t it??”

“It’s a very bad idea. Whoever planned this only thought about their own benefits and interests.”

“This is a big under the table operation my friend. It’s all about the power. They don’t care about us or about their own city. This is our people in charge allowing it.”

“I agree with your idea of keeping Pleasanton Pleasant, this is totally the wrong area.”

“I have lived in Pleasanton all my life. To me, it is sad to see what it has become. I still remember the good times when people actually looked out for each other. Now they disrespect us all by bringing all this big box stores here when we don’t need them or want them.”

“You have to be kidding me. There is Bart, there is a Walmart and now a Costco! What’s next? Many people from out of town will continue coming, making traffic a nightmare!”

“I have a family. Pleasanton used to be a good city to raise children. Now with all these new stores I feel like there is more crime. We don’t need a Costco.”

“If it happens, traffic will get worse over by Stoneridge where I live.”

“I love Costco but I prefer to continue driving a little extra than to have one closer but more traffic.”

“Bad Idea. Just imagine the traffic during rush hour.”

“Crime will continue increasing. Ever since they extended Bart, brought Walmart and plus the mall and the new outlets, Pleasanton has changed. Now you are telling me they want to bring a Costco!”

“I just recently moved here from S.F. running away from traffic! You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Whaaaat a ###k! Not another Costco. Why? There are enough already!” (Very upset)

“I’ve lived here for a little more than 8 years. I don’t want a Costco here. I like the Old Hometown looking Pleasanton.”

“Why here, Traffic is frustrating as it is. Don’t get me wrong, Costco is a good company but I refuse to (agree to) the plan.”

“I can barely get on Hopyard at 6 pm as it is. Owens and Hopyard is one of the most congested intersections here in Pleasanton. The last thing we need is a Costco.”

“We don’t need one. It’s already a mess with this new outlets opening.”

“Horrible, the commute will get worst even with the carpool express lane.”

“They don’t care what I think. But if I could tell them what I think I would just tell them to get out of my town. We don’t need them. I’ll rather support local businesses.”

“There are many reasons why I think is pointless. It’s a bad location with not an easy freeway access. There are a couple of them close by. It will bring thousands of extra cars from people who don’t even live in Pleasanton.”

“Bad! We have 2 Walmarts, Smart N Final. Horrible choice.”

“I doubt they are considering what we think about it. I am strongly against it.”

“I don’t buy at Costco and I don’t like the traffic getting congested.”

“How about small business?”

“We will not be able to get in and out of our FedEx.”

“Stupidest idea I’ve ever heard!! Who opens a big box store when there are many in the area already?”

“I come to work from Fremont every day. Traffic is terrible as it is. Now you got me thinking… Terrible, terrible idea.”

“At first I thought it’s good. Now I realize I travel the same route everyday where they are building the Costco.”

“I work for Costco but live here in Pleasanton. I strongly disagree with this new one around here.”

“We already have too many stores around.”

“I love Costco, but we do not need one in Pleasanton.”

“Oh my God, are you serious?!!! There are so many new outlets and big boxed stores already!! Why? They just want to keep making money.”

“I remember when Pleasanton was Pleasant. Times have changed my friend, now is all about the money.”

“I hate traffic, this means more of it. Come on there are a couple of Costco stores very close by already.”

“I commute from San Jose to here every day; I can’t get much done during the Day because I spent most of the time stuck in traffic. This are very bad news for me.”

“No need. One in San Ramon and one in Livermore just 2 exits away.”

“Traffic will be a total mess.”

“We don’t need one. It’s not like Safeway that we need one on every corner of the street.”

“We have 2 Walmarts, no need for another Costco.”

“It’s a bad Idea. They did the same thing when they put Walmart here on Hacienda.”

“Better to have small businesses.”

“It’s too sad, we have too many around here. Traffic, smoke…”

“We already have a lot of traffic.”

“I own a small business, I don’t like it.”

“Too many cars, too much emission, more garbage, big trucks and what more?”

“I don’t think it’s the right location.”

“I come to work to this area Monday to Friday and this intersection gets so busy as it is, I can’t even imagine how traffic would be.”

“I don’t want a Costco on Johnson Drive, No!”

“I don’t want more traffic, I already take forever to get from home to work.”

“Just a horrible Idea. I don’t want to get stuck in traffic every day.”

“I don’t know what to say. We will be just packed.”

“We absolutely don’t want or need another Costco nearby.”

“No way, it would make my commute even worse.”

“We already have enough Targets and Costcos around. This is just a very stupid idea!”