Costco Rumored for Massive New Johnson Drive Redevelopment

Pleas Patch post2On January 26, 2016, Pleasanton Patch correspondent Luis Rojas talked about the new Johnson Drive Economic Development Zone proposal being considered by the City Council.

“The City Council approved the Economic Development department’s request to draft an Environmental Impact Report last year, however they’ve hit two snags: 1) The report which was due this spring is stuck in limbo because the city can’t figure out how to mitigate the major traffic impacts to Stoneridge Drive east and west of 580. If they can’t figure it out, the economic development department will offer the council either a flawed plan or be forced to scrap the project altogether. And 2) to make the plan work they will need to force out the existing businesses, and AT&T is cooperating with the city’s wish for them to move away,” he wrote.

“If you live near Stoneridge Drive on either side of the freeway you should be asking questions about the future of this project. It isn’t just one Costco, it’s the eleven parcels outlined in blue in the attached pictures. This will have a major impact on nearby residents.”